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FAQs - Review Removal Services

All removals are completed in a legitimate manner. When content is removed, it is done by the online platform willingly or by the host of the website.  There is no hacking, bribery and the individual who wrote the review is not contacted. Typically, the process includes our team of experts putting a case together and managing detailed follow up requests from the publishing platform.  Removals regularly require multiple submissions and ongoing correspondence with the online platform.

We permanently remove the unwanted online content from the platform’s website. If our team of experts are not able to remove the negative content, you will not be charged a removal fee. 

We typically recommend against trying to remove the content yourself as this will make our jobs much more difficult with certain online platforms, as they sometimes will ignore all future attempts if the first one was unsuccessful. However, we can still get negative content removed if you attempted and were unsuccessful. As we only charge when content is successfully removed, it means that it still is a risk-free approach to let us attempt another shot at removing the negative and harassing content.  

We’ve found that although almost every major platform will recommend this, it is not a good idea. This adds more legitimacy to the review and thus makes it more difficult to get the publishing platform to remove it. These platforms do not have your best interest in mind and instead are just trying to get rid of legitimate criticisms to their platforms. If our attempts are unsuccessful, we may recommend adding in a comment to let any prospect researching your business know the real story behind the negative and harassing review. 

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Our Latest Removal Wins for Our Clients

15 Harassing Google Reviews Removed in 3 Days

A prestigious law firm had a competitor coordinating an attack against their online reputation by periodically getting friends and family to post negative reviews that looked legitimate to try to trick the Google Business platform. The law firm had tried to exhaust all of their options and get the reviews down themselves but had no success with their attempts. This continued harassment lowered the star rating of this business from a 4.5 to a 3.8 rating which severely reduced their online leads. 

We evaluated the situation and after a successful series of escalations from our team, we removed all 15 one-star reviews within 3 days returning the star rating back to the original rating of 4.5.

5 Fake Yelp Reviews Removed in 2 Days

A plastic surgery practice had several fake Yelp reviews that had been on the platform for several months, causing significant harm to their online reputation and revenue loss to the practice. It had gotten to the point where prospective patients were specifically mentioning one review in particular that caused them to not move forward with their practice. 

We leveraged our team of experts to remove the reviews within 2  days. This helped the practice regain their fantastic online reputation, increase their revenue, and gave them the peace of mind that they deserved. 

Harassing Google Reviews Removed in 5 Days

A large law firm had received harassing reviews on their Google My Business page. The intent of these reviews were clearly to ruin the reputation of this firm, as they had never been clients before and had made claims that simply were not true. 

We leveraged our team of experts to remove the review within 5 days. Removing multiple reviews helped the law firm return back to their previous Google My Business star rating that had helped them in the past receive so much organic business. 

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